Matej Čer

Circular Talk Speaker

What is next? Can we live without noise, pollution and car ownership? 

Matej Čer

Matej Čer is a successful slovenian entrepreneuer, lecturer and long-time mentor at diverse entreprenurial programmes.


Even though he is a mechanical engineer with a degree about internal combustion engines, he soon became fascinated about the sustainability paradigm, electric mobility and opportunities it offers to the society.


His growing company Avant car is a modern mobility provider, that is more and more becoming a tech-company. Taking into account big changes in global paradigms, Matej established diverse innovative projects on the e-mobility field:


  • self-sufficiency with localy produced energy through solar power plant and energy storage;
  • digitalization through mobile application with electric vehicle charging stations network;
  • raising awareness through unique electric mobility educational centres (showrooms);
  • enabling sharing economy benefits through business models for electric mobility as a service …


Matej is also an experienced investor who participates in development of local and global entrepreneurial stories. As entrepreneur with visionary mindset, he is constantly in search for new opportunities for societal progress and as a mentor he shares his experiences and helps people fulfil their potentials.

16 November 11:15 - 12:00, Gospodarsko razstavišče
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