Iza Login

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There is no time to postpone sustainability

Iza Login

Bringing years of project management, communication and motivational experience, Iza Login’s role as Co–founder and Deputy CEO of Outift7 was to facilitate business development, design workflow and orchestrate internal and external programs for one of the biggest family entertainment business that started in mobile environment. Outift7’s franchise Talking  Tom and Friends has billions of fans all around the globe.


Prior to founding Outfit7, Iza ran her own consulting company, which was preceded by posts at Microsoft and Novartis.  Iza holds a Masters in Science from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer Science.


In 2013 she founded the Login5 Foundation with her husband and her sons. When they sold Outfit7 in 2016 they got more time to invest in the Login5 Foundation projects. Login5 Foundation is set up to address some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.


They have set three clear goals for the projects they undertake:


  • Pure Air
  • Pure Water
  • Pure Consciousness


"If we're thinking about the long-term survival of the human race, we've got to think first about our planet. If we don't take care of that, we don't stand a chance.”  - Samo Login


16 November 11:15 - 12:00, Gospodarsko razstavišče
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