The EUROCITIES conference continues

The afternoon part of the EUROCITIES conference began with round tables with participants discussing society, partnerships, economy and further growth according to circular principles. The discussions lead by Karl Falkenberg, Igor E. Bergant, Ladeja Godina Košir and Chris Wherry focused on transitioning jobs and skills, breaking silos and creating communities, the power of public procurement and developing the urban model.

Karl Falkenberg and Chris Wherry, the round tables moderators


Study visits followed during which conference participants were able to see good practice cases in the field of circular economy in Ljubljana. They visited the Reuse Centre, Hostel Celica, Hotel Park, RCERO Ljubljana and an apartment designed in line with the zero-waste principle.


The Reuse Centre Ljubljana allows members of the public to bring their unwanted goods to be reused or repurposed. At the centre products are prepared for reuse and then sold in the centre’s Green Store, where you can also find unique products made from various recycled materials. By buying at the centre people save money, conserve natural resources and support local jobs.

Hostel Celica, once a prison, is now one of the most intriguing hostels in the world and a true landmark of Ljubljana. Prisoners were replaced by local and international artists who were for a decade breathing new life into the former military prison.

Hotel Park, the only hotel in the centre of Ljubljana positioned in the middle of a park, is committed to sustainable development, promoting respect for the environment and connecting with local communities. ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ is one of the main principles of its work and since Ljubljana was European Green Capital 2016 special attention has been paid to regional parks.


Ljubljana Regional Waste Management Centre (RCERO Ljubljana) is the largest environmental cohesion project in the country responsible for one third of Slovenia’s waste.


An apartment furnished using reused/recycled materials made exclusively of waste materials. Its owner strives not to buy anything new for the assembly of furnishings.


In the evening, at the EUROCITIES Award Ceremony the organisation is going to award good practices of cities in the field of circular economy.

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