Have coffee with ... Urban & green Hotel Park manager

Urša Malovrh, manager of urban & green Hotel Park, is happy to present how to change a hotel from a grey skyscraper to a hotel with green story to you over coffee. Join her in Circular café on Thursday, 16 November 2017. 

Who is Urša Malovrh?

Born and raised in a small village Hotavlje (known for its “Marmor” industry – stone marble ), she was always surrounded with nature. And now, living in Ljubljana, nature is also part of her life, same as tourism and hospitality.


When she was a child she did not really know what she wants to become when she grows up. She only knew that she wanted to see other places and see how people live around the world. Somehow, the only logical choice was schooling in the direction of tourism.


Throughout her schooling, she has been working in hotels and travel agencies so she could afford traveling. And after finishing her studies she got the opportunity to work abroad. She moved to Luxembourg  and  worked in European Parliament for a year, but soon found out that this is not her life, did not find any passion in it. So she left Luxembourg and came to Ljubljana in 2006 and started to work in hotel Park as a sales manager. And today she is a manager of this hotel, working with same passion as the first day.


Tourism has a significant impact on the environment and she was in the middle of that. She wanted to do something more from our business, not just selling the rooms. Being a manager of hotel she was able to do significant changes. And today she is extremely proud of what they did, together with her golden team. They changed hotel Park from a grey skyscraper to a hotel with special, green story, where they all go sustainable, and they encourage guests to do the same.

Why having coffee with Urša?

Why having coffee with Urša?

"Because I'm a person nice to talk with. Having lots of stories about hoteliers life, hotel Park and most beautiful city in the world, Ljubljana, which everybody who visits falls in love with. Being a manager of the first hotel in Slovenia with Travelife certificate and first green hotel in Ljubljana, I can definitely tell a lot about sustainable business in hotels and inspire my coffee guests with our green story."

Five funfacts about the hotel

Years ago it was just another grey skysraper in Ljubljana and  now it has the same facade, but there is a special story behind it, green story.

We care about nature
We're committed to sustainable operation in all it's aspects.


We are the only hotel in Slovenia that has bee hives on the roof top and a herbal garden
Our permanent buzzing guests – bees provide us with amazing urban honey.

We recycle A LOT and reuse as much as we can and we grow our own herbs and some vegetables to reduce Co2 emissions.


We are also the first hotel in Slovenia TO ACHIEVE THE PRESTIGIOUS TRAVELIFE GOLD CERTIFICATION Travelife– international certificate for sustainability . Plus that we achieved Slovenian national certificate for sustainability- Slovenia Green Accommodation


What about food? We got it, and it's local, fresh and there’s plenty of variety. The desserts will blow your mind! Cakes, ice creams, pies we got them all covered, all homemade by our Anita, best  . And the best thing is, we don't throw anything away.


And location? We're IN the city center, yes. You can come by bus, train, bicycle or your trusty electric car, for which there are 2 charging stations behind the hotel that are free of charge. The fact that we're surrounded with little green parks is just a bonus.

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