Have coffee with ... Mateja Benedetti

Mateja Benedetti, stylist and costume designer is happy to present her ethical and sustainable brand linked to the concept of beauty, luxury and innovation. Join her in Circular café on Friday, 17 November 2017. 

Who is Mateja Benedetti?

Stylist and costume designer, that has  participated in many competitions, fashion shows and exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad and received several awards.


Her career starts as a costume designer for opera houses in Italy, Slovenia and Germany and theatres all around. Since she was a student she has an extreme passion for a sustainable fashion that's why she set to create a luxury brand that respected the environment.


With these words from Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, Matea with her team decided not to wait for big fashion brands to change the industry, but to change it themselves. With the first collection the brand was exhibited for the first time at the multi-brand store in Ljubljana. From then on, they realised how important it was to make clothes in an innovative way.


From the first Milan showroom in Via Montenapoleone to the first articles in the media - Vogue Italia, BOOK Sposa, Rendez-Vous de la mode, Elle - and the Ljubljana parade for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in April (2017), the Matea BENEDETTI brand, with its team, continues to grow not only in design and innovation fields but also by spreading its commitment to fashion to serve the well-being of our ecosystem.

Dress made of APPLE SKIN and FOOD WASTE. Check it.

About the MATEA BENEDETTI brand

Matea BENEDETTI is an ethical and sustainable brand linked to the concept of beauty, luxury and innovation.


Matea BENEDETTI goal is to be a part of the bigger picture – one that places humanity on a higher level of consciousness with respect to nature and all forms of creation. A passion for innovative sustainable fabrics is a key element of Matea Benedetti identity.


Each product is made using the finest natural fabrics, organic where possible and dyed with botanical extracts or eco-friendly dyestuffs to achieve the desired predominant colour theme.


Artificial fertilizer, antibiotics and growth hormones are strictly forbidden. All materials are certified, biodegradable or they are recycled. Every season is an exploration of animal species in serious decline due to human expansion into their natural habitats, hunting, and climate change. Matea Benedetti supports fair trade products and the impeccable touch of Italian manufacturing.





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