Have coffee with ... Federico Guerrieri

Federico Guerrieri, EUROCITIES coordinator of the ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for Citizens’ campaign is happy to discuss about the campaign that will take place all across Europe in May 2018. Join him in Circular café on Friday, 17 November 2017.


Who is Federico Guerrieri?

Federico works at EUROCITIES, where he coordinates the ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for Citizens’ campaign.


Before joining EUROCITIES, he worked in London at the New Economics Foundation, where he coordinated Source, a network bringing together academics, policy professionals and civil society organisers from across the continent committed to tackling the biggest economic, environmental and social challenges we face today.


After having completed a Master of Arts in International Relations in London, he worked for three years at European Alternatives and was later nominated Secretary General of the Young European Federalists.


In 2015, Federico has also co-created Otherwhere, a Brussels-based social innovation agency supporting organisations in pursuing their strategic goals.


Why having coffee with Federico?

"First of all, I am Italian, therefore coffee has no secrets to me! Furthermore, having a coffee with me is a great opportunity to know more and discuss about EUROCITIES ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for Citizens’ campaign that will take place all across Europe in May 2018."


The campaign ‘Cities4Europe - Europe for citizens’ will showcase successful local initiatives that engage citizens, present ideas for new forms of democracy and map out a positive, common future. By looking at answers together with your citizens, you will have the opportunity to show cities’ commitment in co-creating societies where citizens come first, and where trust between citizens and public authorities is enhanced.

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