FAST 8: Zoran Janković


1. What film would you recommend?
The Battle of Neretva (Bitka na Neretvi) directed by Veljko Bulajić. It was also nominated for the Oscar for best foreign film.


2. What book would you recommend?
Currently I am reading a crime novel The Lake (Jezero) written by Tadej Golob. I also recommend the book The Deception (Ukana) by writer Tone Svetina. 


3. What is the best way to spend a day?
In the company of colleagues and on the streets of Ljubljana among the citizens. I am happy when I see smiling and pleased faces. I work on the principle of »management by walking around«. Each week (sometimes even daily) I am in the field overseeing construction sites. Currently there are over 100 in Ljubljana.


4. What surprises you most in this day and time? 
The power of digital media and social networks. I do not use computers, as I prefer personal and genuine contacts with people. Since the beginning of my mandate in 2006, over 25,500 citizens came to me. Through my team, I also respond to every initiative sent over social media or e-mail.


5. What can’t you imaging the EUROCITIES conference without? 
Without an efficient team, without conference partners, excellent speakers and eminent guests from Slovenia and abroad.


6. What do you think of when you think of Ljubljana?
The most beautiful city in the world and the proud winner of European Green Capital Award 2016.


7. What people/cities are you inspired by?
People – brave and ambitious. Those who think with their head.
Cities – Ljubljana is unique. However I respect all cities, especially Vienna.


8. In your opinion, what does the future of the environment look like for all of us?
The planet is in big trouble, especially with regard to climate change. If we want to preserve the environment, at least in its current state all cities have to adopt the rule of green capitals. Only a common sustainable path of European and, of course, global cities leads to quality of life in future.

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